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Thread: PAssword Reset

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    PAssword Reset

    I am new to macs. My work has one from a former employee. We would like to remove his account and use it again.

    I was reading a few things about it, and ran into some problems. So can someone please help me out.

    Here are the problems:

    Boot Camp is installed, so I am unable to boot into Single user mode.(to reset the root password)

    We Do not have the OS X install disk, as well as from what I've read, since Boot camp is installed we cannot boot to the disk since the Primary boot drive is the Selection drive for Mac or Windows.

    The Mac is a MacBook Air
    OS X V 10.5

    I am able to get into OS X, as it doesn't need the password to login at startup, but I can't make a new account, or do any administrative tasks. Can someone please advise me on some steps I can take.

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    To be honest your best bet is to get a copy of Snow Leopard, they should still be on sale.

    The apple store is down at the mo but $29 bucks should get you an install disk from Apple, or you may find a retail store like PC world that has them

    It is a whole lot less hassle to get a cheap install disk than muck around resetting passwords, especially as the easiest way to do a reset is to boot from the DVD or USB
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    Password reset
    I see,
    Will i still be able to boot from USB (since the macbook air has no CD rom) with Boot camp installed?

    If i get a cd, how do i set it up so it will be on the USB so i can boot to it?

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    Once i was able to get into single user mode i was able to reset the password.
    Thanks for all the advice.

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    Mark as solved
    How do i mark this as sovled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottPaananen View Post
    How do i mark this as sovled?
    You don't . . . but you just did by posting back.

    Thanks for the update BTW
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