I've been ripping songs from CD for more than a dozen years, using AudioCatalyst under System 8.x, iTunes 2.04 under System 9.x, and more recently, iTunes 9.2 under System 10.4.11. This collection of files has been migrated numerous times, from hard drive to hard drive and computer to computer. Previous versions of iTunes have never failed to recognize the Title, Artist, Album, Year, etc. info from these files, regardless of which software encoded the files. There have been very few glitches over the years.

On my new MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz core i7) running Lion and iTunes 10.5.3, however, I have run into a serious problem. Migration Assistant moved the files, and apparently my old Library file, to the Boot drive partition of the MacBook Pro. I prefer to keep my music files on a separate partition, so I copied them to this partition, after designating this destination as my iTunes Media folder. Upon re-opening iTunes, all the path links were broken (! notation before each title name in the list.) No problem (I've run into this before when relocating to a different Volume), I just deleted all the titles from the List, then used the "Add To Library" command to locate and add my files to the Library again, in their new location.

But over 10,000 titles are not being recognized by anything other than their filenames (not necessarily the same as "Title".) All other ID3 Tag info seems to be lost/unreadable by iTunes 10.5.3. In the finder, these older files (all those NOT encoded using Apple's AAC format) are appearing as QuickTime Movies. Though this "Type" designation has happened before, this is the first time that iTunes has failed to glean the ID3 info from the MP3 files. They'll play, but that doesn't update the info.

The thought of manually entering track info for all these is, well, horrible, especially since I'd have to play many of them to know what they are. Equally daunting is the thought of re-ripping over 1100 CDs. I still have my old Library and files on my old Mac (Titanium PowerBook G4.)

Any help for this out there?