So... new here and couldn't find anything specific to what I need assistance with. My preemptive apology if i'm in the wrong forum or if there is a previous thread.

Also, I'm happy to finally be a member here. I've utilized this forum many times for help. Everyone here is great.

Anyways.. on to the show...

I have a mac mini running OS X Server 10.6. I'm in the process of setting it up to host my design company's website. I have the domain registered with Verizon, acquired multiple static IP Addresses and have my Cisco RVS4000 router positioned between the DSL modem and our LinkSys switcher, configured for static IP.

At the moment, I am also running Rumpus FTP on the machine.

Can anyone provide me with some guidance in configuring it all?

Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from someone.