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Thread: Retrieve files from an external hard drive

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    Lightbulb Retrieve files from an external hard drive
    I have an external hard drive which I was using to back up my old Mac using Time Machine.

    When I got a new Mac I manually transferred just the files I needed to the new Mac and then I used the same external hard drive to back up my new Mac using Time Machine. I deleted the backups of the old Mac thinking I got all I needed.

    However, I forgot to look for my Skype chat history, so it's been deleted.

    Does anyone know of any way those files might be recovered?

    I really appreciate any help anyone can provide!


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    It's probably too late to try to recover files from that external hard drive since you already put it back in use for Time Machine on your new Mac. The Time Machine backup probably has overwritten the previous data.

    But, if you want to try anyway, download Data Rescue 3 from here.

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    well, my way is to download a trial version of mac data recovery software to see whether the data can be scanned out. it it can be found, then i will consider some methods to get them back.
    here's a trial version that i have used before when i accidentally deleted my family photos.
    hope it can help.

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    I would say you should try a Mac data recovery software, may be your data will be recovered but not sure if time machine had overwrite the location of the previous data. It might be impossible for any data recovery program to recover data from Time machine.

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