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    Eudora (!), Snow Leopard, and Gmail
    Howdy all

    I'm a long(long)-time Eudora user. (I'm using Snow Leopard by the way, not Lion.)

    I used to use Eudora to POP all my email on my main email service to my Mac, leaving nothing on the server.
    I also have a Gmail account, and every now and again I'd use Eudora in IMAP mode to download all that mail to my Mac, and then I'd go and delete everything off Gmail.

    Three months ago my email service of 20+ years at the place I used to work became unavailable when I - ahem - retired.

    I decided that I'd create a different Gmail account for my retired life, and simultaneously decided that I was finally going to have to switch to using Apple Mail to look at email -- partly because Eudora was (in some ways) beginning to look dated.

    I'm using Mail for my main Gmail account. Not very happy, compared to the Eudora days, but it [seems to] work.

    However, I want to use Eudora still to download mail from the other Gmail account to my Mac, and then delete it all from Gmail.

    For some reason, Eudora will not connect to this other Gmail account, and moreover won't give me a clue: the "Tasks" window flashes up, and disappears in a nanosecond. I've checked everything I can think of. The Eudora log displays the error "-3170" every time I try to check mail.

    Any suggestions?
    <Sorry for taking the time to get there: thought it best to lay out the sit. as best I could, first!>

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    Will Eudora fetch mail from the other GMail account?

    Try creating a new personality in Eudora and put in the GMail settings and see if it works. If not, you can get Eudora to generate a more detailed log that may help, but first let's see if Eudora works with the other GMail account or a new personality.

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