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Thread: Blurry Icons

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    Blurry Icons
    Over the past month, random icons have been turning pixelated, for no apparent reason. I used to be able to restart my computer and the issue would go away for a few days then come back. Now, every time I open an application the icon becomes pixelated.

    I customize my own icons, which I originally thought was the problem, but now it's happening to icons that I have never customized. I will attach a picture of my dock with pixelated icons and normal ones.

    From left to right
    Finder, Teamviewer, appzapper, Itunes(edited), safari(edited), vuze(edited), VLC, and diskaid.
    As you can see the last 3 icons are pixelated but the rest are not... I do not understand!

    Please help

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    It might just be the uploaded picture but in addition to the pixelated icons it looks like you also have image distortion. What resolution are you running at?

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