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    I am attempting to sell a macbook pro and want to transfer what is currently on 2 drives to 1 drive on an iMac. The SSD holds the OSX and all other program files; the SD holds everything else--music, pics, etc. Everything is backed up via Time Machine on a Time Capsule. My first guess is to do a clean install of Lion on the iMac and then use the Time Machine backup to bring in all the data. However this would leave all of the programs (currently on the SSD) out of the picture.

    Can someone give me an idea of how to do this?


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    Your Time Machine back will be a machine based backup. So long as all the data/apss etc that you want to transfer are part of the Time Machine backup it'll be fine.

    After your clean Lion install you can use Time Machine to restore everything. It will be moved to an appropriate location on the new machine rather than a fixed path looking for two drives.

    But you can

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