Hey everyone,
So today, my mac randomly started not going to sleep when i close the lid OR do it manually using the apple icon on the top left corner. The display turns black and the keys become dysfunctional, but the light on the right part of the Mac's front is on(the one that blinks when macs are sleeping). It responds to the ambient light as well (I put my finger against the inbuilt webcam so that it would register no light, and the small light became dim). so I have to hold the power button down for it to shut down. Interestingly, the display and the keys don't come back up when I start the laptop. Thankfully I have bootcamp and windows 7 installed as default startup, and it starts up perfectly. After starting up windows and restarting, I can normally start up the mac... I couldn't find a similar problem in any threads. I'm stuck and have no idea what to do.. Help?