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Thread: Can I use Mac Mini's Ext HDD for MB Pro Time Machine Data?

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    Question Can I use Mac Mini's Ext HDD for MB Pro Time Machine Data?
    Pretty much what the subject line states.

    Is there a way that I can get Time Machine on my MacBook Pro (running Lion) to use the external hard drive that is currently connected to my Mac Mini?

    I have Time Machine on the Mac Mini using the attached external HDD without problem, but I'd like to leverage that external HDD further by using it as the repository of my MBP Time Machine data.

    I was thinking of purchasing one of those Western DIgital My Book Live external hard drives, but I'm not impressed with what I am seeing in the speed department, so I was hoping to use the direct connection instead.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Yup! My Mac Mini home server has a 4 disk Drobo RAID attached, which it shares as a Time Machine backup destination to multiple other Macs in the house, both wired and wireless. This capability is built into Mac OS X Server.
    Roger Michaels

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    So that functionality only exists in OS X Lion Server, not in OS X Lion (Client)?

    Anyone know if this can be done in non-server version of Lion?

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    Closer than you think.
    There are hacintosh methods to get this to work. But it is your backup after all.

    Typically, if you want to get Apple products to behave outside their intended use, this forum tends to frown upon it. Myself included.

    Though it is possible, and I've seen on other posts people asking the same thing.

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