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Thread: Download/Upload Speeds

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    Download/Upload Speeds
    Hello, I am looking for advice for my now "ancient" MAC.

    Powerbook G4 15"
    Processor: 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory: 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM

    My computer's download/upload speed is nowhere near the capacity of my cable internet service. I don't think it's a modem/router issue because we tested my GF's newer MAC and it's running up to speed with the service specs. I've also connected my computer directly into the modem (no wireless) and the speed is still slow.

    My stats: 5.18 down, 2.09 up
    My GF's stats: 35 down, 5 up

    I'm wondering if my computer is working at it's max speed and is just too old to operate at the full bandwidth of my service?

    Any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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    Mar 03, 2012
    check your network settings under proxy tab check and see if auto detect proxy is checked. Mine wasn't and it took months with everyone scratching their heads to figure this out. Not saying this is the problem for you, but brand new mac out of the box would crawl downloading files. If I ran parallels and tried downloading using IE, downloads were fast as they should be. Drove me crazy. Anyhow that fixed it for me .. good luck.

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    Have you compared ethernet results against Airport (wifi) results?

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    Dec 11, 2010
    Oh - I see you did try ethernet.
    Any chance your laptop connects at 802.11g speeds and hers at 802.11n?
    My 802.11g laptop gets 10 down, 4 up, while my ethernet computers get 33 down, 10 up.

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