I am trying to use rsync to backup changed files from 1) my USB stick to my MacPro and then from 2) my MacPro to my USB stick


/Users/dbauer --MACPro

I am not sure if it is working because it shows me every file on the screen as if it is being transferred. I need to know 1) are these commands right and 2) does it show every file but only transferring changed files?

rsync -avu --exclude '.fseventsd' --exclude '.Spotlight-V100' --exclude '.Trashes' /VOLUMES/DBAUER/ /Users/dbauer

rsync -avu --exclude 'About Stacks.lpdf' --exclude 'Documents/Microsoft User Data' --exclude '.DS_Store' --exclude '.localised' –exclude 'Signatures' /Users/dbauer/ /VOLUMES/DBAUER