Hello everyone,

I don't post here often, but I have a question. We bought a new 20" iMac around 6-7 years ago and it is an early one with the first Intel core duo proccessors. It has been pretty much trouble free and we love it. However around a year or two ago the hard drive failed. When it was at the local Apple store they repaired it, and installed Leopard (or maybe snow leopard), and told us that it was the highest level of OS that we could use in the computer. Well we also had purchased a .mac account all those years ago that we still have, but is now a .me account I guess.

Well long story short we can move over to the iCloud system because we don't have the new Lion OS, and can't even install it on our computer. I just spoke with apple iCloud support,and they told me that I should buy a new computer that is capable of running Lion. Well I don't want to do that as this one works just fine. I don't care about the iCloud services, but would love to keep my mac email address'. Also they told me that the iWeb pages will no longer be supported which is really the only other service we use from the old .mac accounts. Any help on keeping my emails coming on this old computer?