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    Inactive Window Scrolling not working?
    Hi everyone--

    I'm a new user to the forums, but by no means am I new. I have been coming to these forums for years. I have been Macintosh since 1995, when my family purchased one of the first desktops. I have a early 2006 MBP, and just two days ago finally broke down and bought a new MBP.

    I didn't have Lion installed on my old MBP, I had it at Snow Leopard. I don't know if my issue is relating to Lion, or to just having a computer that ISN'T nearing 6 years old.

    I can NOT for the life of me, make inactive scrolling work. I Googled the crap out of why this may be, to no avail. The only things I found were how awesome a feature it was, which I of course TOTALLY agree with, and why I'm not begging for assistance. I need it back in my life.

    I am referring to when I have multiple windows and applications open, and I can still scroll through an inactive Word doc (for example) while I am working actively in Firefox, or Safari, or Word, or anything. This feature is gone-zo for me. I can not figure out how to turn it on, or what I may have done to turn it off. Either way, I need it in my life before I go crazy.

    Please, please, please help a girl out!!


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    Oh! Update.

    I've figured out that it works in nearly every other application EXCEPT when I'm trying to inactively scroll in Word.

    Don't know if this is a bug with Word, or what.

    Interesting, though.

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    Not actually a bug per se, it's just that MS haven't updated Office since Lion came out. The next version will fix it! (as everyone who has ever used Windows has said about Windows for well over 25 years now!).

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