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    internet connection issue
    I have a problem with internet connection on leopard 10.5.8.
    I have to begin with info that I open my MBP to clean it from dust and add 4GB ram. Everything after that operation was working fine until suddenly internet stops to work. I thought that it's just for a few seconds, but such a thing never happend with my MBP before. Never have problems with ISP here where I live now.
    So I done some research with google, but what I found didn't help at all. At my home there are three other devices such as laptop with windows, iphone and smartphone with android- they are connected to internet and working fine.
    Router was reseted several times, was unlocked, changed password, deleted password etc. and still nothing. I tried to connect it thru enthernet cable, but nothing works. There is strong signal and MBP see my home network excellent, but as I see the problem is that it won't connect to ISP. I tried to reset PRAM - nothing happend. I tried to do hardware test, but my optical drive just spit out my leopard instal disk and is only able to read and keep inside original audio CD.
    When I ping some webstie it's fail, when I ping my router there is no answer from it.
    Is it possible to boot system from internal or external HDD? Cause i'm not using dvd-rom and i don't want to have replacement for that or to buy some external optical drive...
    That's my first ever serious issue since i bought MBP in 2007.
    Looking forward for some help.......

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    You really need to run the Apple Hardware Test to see what's wrong. If you can not connect either by wireless or ethernet, then it's likely a hardware problem. External optical drives are inexpensive and can be use to boot your MBP and to run the AHT.

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    Thanks chscag, will try to menage that hardware test asap. I used TechTool deluxe, but i guess it's not enough. (btw. test went good)

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