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    Lion vs Lion server on new mac mini server
    I just took delivery of a new mac mini server. Unlike previous models of this line, the new model comes with the server version of Lion already installed on it. I never intended to use the server software. I bought the unit purely for its hardware specs.

    So ... after a frustratingly unhelpful call to Apple tech support (there's a 1/2-hour of my life I'd like to get back) I'm basically considering two choices.

    1. Continue to the run the server OS and hope that it plays nice with all of the (sometimes esoteric) music software I need to run.
    2. Get a copy of the standard issue Lion software and install that and hope that it runs fine on the hardware.

    Since Apple tech would not really offer any solid advice on these choices, I'm hoping that maybe there are some experienced folks on this site willing to share their insights on two questions:

    1. Anyone ever tried to run a standard Lion install on the new mac mini model?
    2. Anyone care to comment on the extent of Lion server's range of compatibility?

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    I can't say much for Lion Server, but we have a Mini at work that came with Snow Leopard Server installed. When we got it, I wiped the drive and installed normal Snow Leopard on it, absolutely no issues. Hardware-wise, the server Mini is only slightly different than the regular Mini, so there really shouldn't be any issues.
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