Hi guys

Not sure if this is the right place for an iTunes questions there doesn't seem to be a general software forum.

I am running Snow Leopard on my 12-month old Macbook Pro.

Last week while downloading iTunes froze. When I attempted to Force Quit, my Finder froze.
I could not reboot other than using the power button. Three attempts to get iTunes to stop freezing my computer, on the last reboot attempt I got an icon of a circle with a slash through it indicating I had no system being recognised. I shutdown from the power button. Again.

The next day I rebooted and after the computer considering this for a few minutes, I finally got my login screen. All seems okay other than a slowish startup (get a blue screen for about 40 seconds before the login screen appears).

Last night I revisited iTunes and it froze again. This time it froze on requesting my login to iTunes. Back to the Finder to Force Quit but couldn't do this. I could move around the Finder menu but no dialogue window would appear for me to restart or shutdown.

Has anyone come across this before? I have run a system check using the Disk Utility and all appears fine.

I can't find any information on Apple relating to iTunes freezing on a Mac.

Need help