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    How do I find how much memory I have used?
    Hi folks,
    I know this is a silly question, but I searched both in the user manual, as well as the forum using these keywords: "memory, macbook, pro, early 2008".

    My question is, how much of the 80Gb I have used? I can't find it under the Apple logo at the top left, nor the above mentioned manual and forum search.


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    Hi Shannon.

    if you go into finder, and select the disk you would like to know the info for (usually Macintosh HD) then hit Cmd + I - an inspector Window will come up showing the capacity of the drive and the available space. Alternatively you can right click, and select "Get Info."
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    Thank you!!
    Thank you robduckyworth. That was very helpful! :-)

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    The term you want to use for future reference is "storage" or "space" (as in hard disk space), not "memory." The term "memory" refers to RAM which is something entirely different.

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