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Thread: NAS appears on other users desktop as a private folder

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    NAS appears on other users desktop as a private folder
    I have a NAS drive mounted on my own user account but when I switch to another account on my MBP running lion, the drive is visible as a folder icon with a small red circle and a white line like a no-entry sign. When I click on the folder you can't access anything since there isn't permission.

    The folder is called the same name as the drive that I have mounted on my own account (in this case 'Public'). If I want the other user to have access to the same NAS drive then when I mount it it appears also as 'Public' although on closer inspection it is actually called 'Public-1'. If I return to my own account then that drive ('Public-1') now appears on my desktop as a folder called 'Public' again with no read or write access.

    What I want is either for the mounted drive to be available to all users if mounted in one, or to not be visible at all so that I can mount it cleanly for each user.

    I have a ver similar setup on my PowerPC G5 running leopard and i don't have this problem and i simply mount the drive for each user separately.

    Does anyone know why lion would be different and what i can do about it?

    Many thanks.

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