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    Unhappy trying to set up windows 7 ult parallels 7 no drivers for dvd player
    Hi, I'm new here and have not found a previous thread about this but I know there is one somewhere.I have been trying to set up windows 7 ultimate (disc) from a downloaded version of parallels desktop 7. The files are downloaded then it starts the setup procedure. I get so far then it tells me there are no drivers for the installation media, being the windows 7 installation disc I assume. Everything comes to a stop!
    Obviously, they are there but maybe not recognised by windows. The notebook is 2007 Macbook pro and has suitable specs. for windows 7.
    Incidentally, I am a complete novice when it comes to computers, I have seen a couple of other notes about this in other forums but any answers seemed very very technical to me.
    Can someone help with this just using simple terms that I might easily understand to get past this situation and on to the next problem, no doubt there will be one.
    By the way the heading should really be NO DRIVERS FROM DVD

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    Did you properly install Parallels 7? If you did, start Parallels, and then follow their directions to install Windows 7. You don't need Windows 7 drivers as Parallels supplies the drivers in order to run Windows 7 in a VM.

    (That is if I understood your question.)

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    Hi Chscag,
    as far as I am aware I have properly installed parallels, it asked about how I wanted to set up windows, download, disc etc. I indicated disc, put the disc in, said starting setup, went for about 5 minutes or so then asked for drivers. that's where I am at.
    Oh, incidentally I uninstalled parallels and reinstalled it only to get the same result.
    I also tried to download the latest windows support through bootcamp assistant hoping to find drivers to transfer to a memory stick that I could utilize. That only ran for a few minutes and told me windows support wasn't available.

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    Tomorrow I'll take everything out again and start afresh, maybe something will change, hope so!

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