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    Question help for buying external raid to macbook pro

    im going to buy a raid til save personal movies and photos. Have a macbook pro mid 2009 that im going to connect. The raid must have the fastest connection possible because im going to edit the movies and photos straight form the raid in programs like aperture and final cut pro. have looked at these to hard drivers. Do not need so much space just around 2 TB
    Is it any faster conection the firewire 800 on my mac or that i can upgrade my mac to connect?
    Saw that the old macbook pro had express card and that i can connect estat over that but it do not support express card on the new mac

    Thanks for every answer, and im sorry for bad english but im norwegian…


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    You didn't post anything but the topic. Not the correct way to ask a question.

    But in any event the only option is the Thunderbolt RAID arrays like from Promise.
    That is IF your NBP has a Thunderbolt port.
    All other interfaces, USB/FW 800, just won't give you the speed you are looking for.

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    is it any way for me to get thunderbolt to my macbook promid 2009
    or do i need to buy a new computer?

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