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    font question
    hey folks,
    new to mac, now I've searched over a few forums and sites regarding fonts. I use fonts for art creation in photoshop and powerpoint. Now many ttf fonts say they are for win and osx. If I try and install a font through font book in osx lion, I get a caution regarding name table structure. So from what I've read there are a few locations for fonts depending on what you want to do with them. I only want to use the fonts for these two apps. now is there a way to install a font without the name table structure error? (app perhaps?) if I install these fonts any ways, can it bog down the system? or anyone know a solid font site that has mac fonts that won't pose these errors?

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    I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do but here's some info that may help:

    For fonts that are installed system wide and for Photoshop, use your Font Note that Powerpoint being part of MS Office is very fussy about what fonts can be used. Unless the fonts are compatible with MS Office, they won't be "seen" by Powerpoint, Word, Excel, or Outlook.

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    Never had that problem with TrueType fonts

    How many fonts do you use, if you are using a lot, then I would suggest a better font manager than FontBook
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    my fonts are ttf. download them from sites like that note being able to use fonts between osx and win. Windows fonts are pretty easy to run, dump them in the fonts folder. new to mac but it seems fonts are a completely different ballpark. I don't want my fonts to be used for system aspects like menus, but merely available to apps such as office and photoshop. now with my readings I know people run into all kinds of issues when they start messing with their fonts folder and mac performance (which is the last thing I want to do). how do you folks work with fonts or do you leave the system alone and stick to whats installed with the os?

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