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Thread: Switching to lion

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Switching to lion
    I am a complete idiot when it comes to this mac.
    First, how do i determine what operating system is running?
    Second, how do i switch from snow leopard to lion?

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    if you click on the apple sign at the top and then click on about this mac.

    That will tell you what operating system you are on.

    Then you can purchase the lion either on the app store.

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    Click the Apple symbol on (top left of the screen) - select About this Mac.
    The box that pops up will tell you the version of OSX you have.
    10.6.n is Snow Leopard - the pre-requisite to install Lion.

    So long as you're running Snow Leopard and have all the latest updates you should have the Mac App Store Icon on the dock.

    Start this up and search for Lion. It downloads and installs straight from the Mac app store.

    As with any OS update I'd suggest a full back up etc prior to updating.

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