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    one of my user accounts will not boot
    So I have a 2008 MacBook running 10.5.8. All of my software is up to date and I have never had any major problems in the 4 years I have owned this machine. In the last week, my fiance has not been able to log in to her account. When the start up page comes up, she clicks on her user name, types in her password and the macbook acts like it is going to load. After about a minute or two, it just goes back to the users page. I can log in to my account and we also have an account for her mom which works as well. I have gone in to my account as the administrator and tried to change her password only to have it do the exact same thing. I have done many searches on this problem trying to find an answer but I have yet to run across anyone who is suffering from the same issue. I have found lots of people who say the get stuck in a blue screen or a grey screen but no one has problems with only one account not loading. I do not want to just delete the account mainly because i do not think that this is fixing the problem. We are pretty light internet users and do not really download much from the internet. Neither one of us have downloaded any thing recently and have not added any new programs. We do have the initial installation disks and I have read that one can use disk utility and disk repair. Just not sure if that is something I should do nor do I know if those are the proper disks in which to do that with. Any one have any suggestions on how to rectify this problem? Any advice would be considered appreciated and a great help. Thank you

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    Account Problem
    I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but you more than likely have a fairly serious harddrive fail. I am a student at a school that supplies students with macbooks, and recently I came across another student with the same problem as you, as a matter of fact I came across your article trying to find an answer for the problem. After running several scans on the students harddrive we discovered several bad blocks on it signaling a failiure. Other than the harddrive the computer is just fine and you can find a new or used harddrive on ebay and instructions for replacement are at MacBook Pro Hard Drive Installation Video at
    Once again sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am glad to help, if you have any other questions than you can reach me at
    Good Luck,

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