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    Connecting a serial gps

    Does anyone know how you connect a Garmin Etrex H to a MacBook or iMac to allow the use of Garmin Basecamp software or similar?

    I have bought the correct cables and installed the serial to USB driver but then have no success getting the Etrex recognised as being connected. I've tried a few GPS software programs (easyGPS, Garmin Basecamp, etc) but none of them can connect to the GPS. My work PC with the same programs easily talks to the GPS so it's not a cable or GPS fault.

    The Prolific driver installation instructions state that the driver should automatically be installed in System Profiler > Software > Extensions. But Mac installs the driver in System Profiler > USB > USB BUS. Is MAC installing it in the correct place? If it's not the correct place then how to you tell the MAC to install the driver in the extensions location?

    Sorry for all the questions but I hope somebody can help, but try to give me fairly simple instructions because I'm not a computer whizz kid!!

    If it's not possible to connect an Etrex up to a MAC, does anyone know of a handheld GPS system that will?

    THanks for your assistance.


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    Your Mac is not installing the driver to the wrong location but likely it's the driver installer software that's not installing it correctly. Check the driver documentation and see if it's designed for the version of OS X you're running (which you didn't mention).

    The Garmin Nuvi that I recently owned had no problem using the software for it on my MacBook which was running Snow Leopard at the time. However, that particular model was direct connect via USB.

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