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    Wifi (and also Bluetooth) problems

    One day my wifi connection on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.6.8) worked, it went to sleep, and when I woke it back up, the wifi didn't work, and hasn't worked since.

    The icon in my task bar shows 5 "bars" and looks to be receiving a strong wifi connection. But in reality, i cannot connect.

    I've read a lot about problems with Macs dropping their connections, but this isn't an occasional problem. I am not connecting...period.

    BTW, my iPad, iPhone and PC are all using the wireless connection normally.

    On a less important note (but equally as annoying) is that my Bluetooth quit working (a couple months before the wifi problem). The icon on the task menu shows the grayed out Bluetooth icon with a squiggle through it. When I go to System Preferences to set up a Bluetooth device, it says "No Bluetooth Hardware Found."

    I appreciate any help that can be offered, specifically on the wifi issue.


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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    You can try resetting the SMC and PRAM. However, I continually had the bluetooth issue on an 08 MBP, and they ended up replacing both the system board and bluetooth board.
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