I have a MacBook 2.1 Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.5.8. I recently did an Archive & Install on my system in an attempt to resolve an issue with Safari crashes. The issue wasn't resolved but I was able to obtain Firefox and am using that instead. The problem now is that iTunes won't work. When I try to open it it says that iTunes requires QuickTime 7.5.5 or later. But when I download QT and try to install it it hangs at "Configuring installation."

I've tried dragging the versions of iTunes and QT (7.5.5) from the backup I did before the Archive and Install back into my Applications folder, but both the old and the new copy of iTunes keep giving me the same message, even though the version of QT in my applications folder is 7.5.5.

I now have two copies on iTunes in my applications folder. The one from the backup is 10.4.1; the other one, which is the version which was on the system after the Archive & Install, is now 10.5.3 after updating to a newer version earlier today.

When I first went to open iTunes after the Archive & Install I got a message that the iTunes Library.itl file had been created by a newer version, which was true because the version on the install disk was older than the one that had been on my system. I renamed that file as "old" and renamed a previous library .itl file as iTunes Library.itl. Now I don't get that message when I try to open iTunes, but instead I get the message about needing QT 7.5.5.

I've run the Disk Utility and repaired permissions once since the Archive & Install, but not since I dragged in the backed-up copies of QT and iTunes.

Any ideas?