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    Help with resolutions and projectors
    Hey guys. I work for a college and we have a teacher that is having trouble with his resolution on his mac in a classroom.

    When he is using mirrored settings for the projectors, it changes his reslolution to a really low setting even though it is displayed as the normal resolution. The weird thing is that every setting is the same for both mine and his profiles and I don't have the problem.

    Is there a way to clear his preferences for the screen settings?

    I'm not very tech minded when it comes to Macs as I work with IT on the windows systems, but our Mac technician is no longer with us so I'm having to solve some of the problems.

    Any help would be appriciated.

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    You could try resetting the PRAM (instructions here).

    How is the Mac connected to the projector? Having used projectors in classrooms, I know that the setup can be quite elaborate sometimes.
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    Thanks. I'll try that later.

    It's set up with a minidisplay port to vga connector with a vga cable into a wall plug which then feeds up the wall and into the projector. Not that complex.

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