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    Are all my files lost?
    I have a MacBook Pro
    Switched to Lion a few months ago and all has been smooth.
    A few days ago, when I turned on my computer, it was in the Lion Recovery mode.
    The mode gives me 4 choices:

    - Restore from a Time Machine backup (which I haven't done for a few months)

    - Reinstall Mac Os X (which I tried to do online, but cannot do because the "disk is locked"); I don't know that that means, nor do I know how to "unlock" said disk.

    - Get support online (didn't find my answer there)

    - Disk Utility (when I try to verify/repair the disk, red messages appear saying there are errors that could not be repaired, I should backup my files and restore...)

    So I can't move forward with any of these options, and am planning to take my computer into a MacStore to have it looked at. I am in the boonies right now and won't be able to get into a city for a long while though. I want to get an idea of how bad this scene is. Can anyone comment on how likely I am to be able to retrieve my files? I need to prepare myself mentally for the trip to the Mac Doctor...

    Thanks for any informed opinions out there!

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    i think you might be able to get your work back if, you can get your hard drive out and then put it into a either a sata device that you can plug into another computer. Or plug into another computer with the sata connections on there and the drive should be picked up as another hard drive.

    Then you will be able to hopefully get into the hard drive and copy the information off the hard drive to save your work.That is going to be your best bet to get around to see how to check if you can retrive your files.

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    None of your files will be lost if you have an up-to-date backup of your machine.

    I think your first action is t get the machine to boot normally. The Apple guys will be able to help.
    Otherwise, the post above contains a good fall back scenario.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    That gives me hope. Thanks for your suggestion.

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    I do not have an up-to-date backup because I am currently in Africa without access to an external hard drive. This is why I am nervous that my files are lost

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