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Thread: OS X Boot Time

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    OS X Boot Time
    Hello Mac-Forums,

    I've recently noted my boot time has gotten significantly slower. I have no startup items and i always uncheck 're-open windows'.

    By booting up in verbose mode, here is the list (from most time consuming to least) of items that seem to be taking longer than usual:

    1) Running fsck on the boot volume... #is it necessary for this to run at every boot?


    3) DSMOS has arrived

    4) macx_swapon SUCCESS

    5) AirPort: Link DOwn on en1. Reason 8 (Disassociated because station leavings)

    All of these take more than a second (fsck takes about 10), is there any way that I can eliminate some of these or reduce the amount of time they take? Can anyone offer any insight as to what these are?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The file systems check (fsck) should only run automatically when you start in safe mode not normal mode. Are you sure you didn't start in safe mode?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    The file systems check (fsck) should only run automatically when you start in safe mode not normal mode. Are you sure you didn't start in safe mode?
    Well, when I boot up and hold command+V and I log in it shows me that it runs fsck (and quite a few other things, but fsck takes the longest) before showing my desktop.

    I'm assuming that the computer still runs fsck when I don't boot into command+V mode is because the times are almost exactly the same. The average time from log in to desktop is about 38 seconds both in normal and command+V mode. The standard deviation is only about 3 seconds, and the average time of fsck running is about 12 seconds, which (in my opinion) shows statistically significant evidence that fsck (or something that takes the same amount of time as it) runs in the normal boot (when i can't see the log thing).

    How can I check if I'm restarting into safe mode?

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