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    Connecting to two networks at once
    I am hoping to implement a system that has a mac mini running parallels for our existing windows only security camera software for our firms security system which is on a wired only network in an electrical closet. However I want to be able to view these cameras via screen sharing from my or the CEO's computers which are connected to another wireless network that is connected to our server and the internet. I was wondering if I buy the mini if I will be able to have it connect to the wired network, so as to be able to have access to the cameras, and connect to the WiFi network so that I can screen share the mini to view it from a computer throughout the office.

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    The network for a VM is a NAT'ed or bridge network to the host's network. If you want to have different networks between the VM and the host, then you'd need two different networks on the host.

    So you'd use the wired connection on the Mac Mini for one network and the WiFi for the second network. In the Parallels configuration you should be able to direct the VM to use the wired or WiFi network..

    I believe that should do what you want, unless I totally misunderstood what you wanted..

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