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    Burn to Disk
    Typical: In iTunes, burning a file to disks; every so often I get one of those absolutely useless error messages that are the crowning glory of computerworld; this one says:

    The attempt to burn a disk failed. The burn failed because of a medium write error.

    And -- as usual -- "Help" is no help whatsoever ... it doesn't even recognize the term "medium write error" ... so what is the point of a message like this? There is no known solution, nor any known place to go find a solution.

    Has anyone in the universe yet figured out what is the special pleasure computer program designers get from this kind of ________________?! Because, as a "product" goes, this is below mediocre.

    Let's hear it for iTunes.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    The medium (recording or storage medium, just like a tape, diskette, LP, etc, etc, etc,), that is the disk, failed to be written to. Generally it means there's a problem with it (the disk, sometimes just poor quality disks), in which case slowing down your burn speed may help. Occasionally it means there's a problem with the burner itself. As far as error messages go, this is far from obscure and almost in complete English.
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