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    Software which views a files script
    [[ I'm not sure if i've posted this in the correct area of this forum, therefore if i haven't i'm sorry in advance ]]

    Hello, is there any way of viewing the script of a file before I open it? or are there any apps which allow me to do so.
    I know for windows they have a program called "iLspy" which allows you to do just that.

    ((For example: I download a file which i'm not sure is a keylogger, and to check I can run an application which gives me the script of the file to see if it is 'legit'))

    I'm running a Mac book Pro OS X
    Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7

    Please let me know if any of you either know of any software out there which can do what i've asked, or whether or not you need any additional information then what i've supplied.

    Much thanks in advance.
    Nate Brady.

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    The program you mentioned for Windows is just a IL (Intermediate Language) browser for .NET applications. A traditional Windows application would reveal nothing to ILSpy to ascertain it's legitimacy..

    That being said, I'm not sure there is anything in particular on the Mac that tells you something it "legit" and doesn't have some harmful thing coming along for the ride. Your best bet is to only download files from legitimate places..
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    I'm a little confused.
    Here is the site I got some my information from:
    ILSpy - a new .NET assembly inspector - Daniel Grunwald

    After reading through that, what i've taken from it (figuratively) is that if I had such a program to view the files script, I would be able to see if there happen to be an email in which the program is sending information to. Therefore being able to make a judged decision as to use the file/program or not?

    Thanks very much for your reply by the way.

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    I've managed to find a youtube video showing what I sort of want to check

    How to Check if a Certain Program is a Keylogger, RAT, Virus, etc... - YouTube

    Simular program to this but for a mac?

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    You need to take a step back, and make sure you understand the question before you ask it.
    "View a file's script" mostly makes no sense.
    Nor does "gives me the script of the file to see if it is 'legit'."
    I believe what you mean is "to view the contents of the file to see if it has an executable script within it?"

    You can use ClamXav for that:

    You can also read up about using a Hex Editor to analyze malware.

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    I found what I needed, it was actually a hex editor which I was after. I don't know much about these things, so i'm sorry for my lack of knowledge in the area. But thats for all the information and advice.

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