Hi all

The other night I was downloading TV episodes from iTunes. My Macbook Pro crashed 3 times requiring me to reboot from the button (not from the menu bar).
I would get the spinning wheel and couldn't force quit iTunes.

After rebooting 3 times, on the 4th reboot my system wasn't recognised.
My screen showed the Apple symbol and the circle showing it was thinking on the issue of starting up or not. It chose to not restart. Then I got a circle with a slash through it which I assumed meant I had a serious problem.

I left it for a day and started it up last night. I got the usual Apple symbol startup, then a blank blue screen with my mouse indicator for a few minutes, then, voila!, my login appeared. Great tears of joy were shed.

Can anyone tell me if they have encountered this problem. This has happened to me before when downloading from iTunes (since the latest iTunes upgrade).

Is it my Macbook Pro's system, or it is iTunes?

Does anyone have any recommendations on preventing this happening again?

Would love to hear your thoughts.