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    Error - duplicate copies being saved to desktop

    I have a macbook pro and recently it has a bug - when I select "save as" for a file to the desktop, it saves multiple copies. This also happens when I drag a folder to the desktop. It keeps saving multiple copies until I trashed some of them, then it would stop saving. The copies have a numerical prefix (eg. the file "CV.doc" gets saved as 00001-CV 2.doc then 0001-0001-CV 3.doc and so on). My antivirus software says there are no viruses and I have recently updated all software.

    Any ideas???

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    Did you ever solve this? i am having the same issue now.

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    Uninstall your anti-virus software. There aren't any viruses for Macs, and most anti-virus programs cause more problems than any malware they might catch.

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