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    Startup disk
    I'm wondering if someone can help me. I bought a new macbook air today and I used my external hardrive from my old macbook to transfere the data to the new one. Now it's saying my startup disk is almost full. When I go to finder it says I have 3.7GB available. I tried to use bootcamp assistant and it said I needed 10 gb space at least. I can't see how it could suddenly be full and I remember my old system having something like 89gb free before it broke on me. I don't know where the extra files may be hidden. Any ideas?? I used time machine for the transfere if that makes a difference.

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    Storage space on the MBA is rather limited to begin with, however, if you're sure that you should have more room, download the free "Disk Inventory X" application to see what's using the space.

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    Thanks but it won't downloading and says the disk image may be corrupt

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