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    Feb 13, 2012
    can someone assist me please??!!
    Hello anyone and everyone! I joined today because i have a problem with my mac that nobody can help me fix... lets get to it!
    I have a 2007 2008 macbook model with osx 10.6 .8
    Two nights ago i went to upload my canon pictures to iphoto when my mac started to slow down tremendously. After running yasu and freemem my problem still persisted. i restarted and thats when my mac started biting the dust. after 10 min to login it took 15 min just to open the folder i clicked then another 20 just to load everything in that folder.....i went to disk utilities to fix some things and to repair the permissions it said 16 days and 11 hours!!!!! i ran fsck and still no help. I booted into safe mode where things ran a little smoother but still was slow.

    Now after i ran the same thing in safe mode ( repair disk permissions ) it only took a whole 3 minutes compared to the baffling 16 days crap. still no fix but i was told to boot with my apple disk because my disk needs to be repaired .... NOW heres the problem 1) i got the macbook from craigslist and the previous owner broke the cd tray im guessing...2) i do not have my snow leopard osx disk ..... so im guessing a normally easy fix has turned bad lol. i kinda dont know what to do from this point.. and im not buying an external drive... on top of all that my external HD only shows up in disk utility but not anywhere i cant back up my files i was thinking i can get a torrent of osx and save it on my external HD then boot my mac from my external HD but i have no clue how to convert it to a dmg because im currently using a friends windows computer......

    so lol if anyone could help me with this problem to get my mac to work i would very much appreciate it. i use my mac for photoshop and its my main source of income for now..

    this is my first mac so im kinda out on a limb here lol.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    How much free space does the hard drive have on it? To work at all efficiently a drive needs 15% of its capacity as free space. Hence if you have 100GB hard drive AFTER FORMATTING, expect problems when you get over 85GB.

    You do have problems buying a MB with a busted optical drive. Yes your problems have grown bigger. We were going to use the Snow Leopard install disc to boot from and run Repair Disk, as the hard drive may well be failing. The Disk Utility on your external would do the trick but of course you have to be able to boot from that. This is possible if the hard drive was cloned using SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner, but not if you use Time Machine.

    As a last resort you might like to run fsck in Single User Mode to see if this helps.

    Boot and hold down Command S until a black screen appears.

    At the prompt type /sbin/fsck -fy precisely as it appears - note the space after k.

    You can repeat this until the repairs are hopefully completed.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Feb 13, 2012
    hey thanks. i tried fsck tho and its a no go. its looking like im going to have ti get an external cd drive to use the disk utility repair. m y macs no even picking up myu external hd so i cant move my files. time machine wont work for me ecause it dosent pick up my external either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anbuhydro View Post
    i tried fsck tho and its a no go.
    If you want more help, you need to give us more detail than that. What's no go mean here?
    Completed fsck successfully, but didn't change the symptoms?

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    Feb 13, 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by gsahli View Post
    If you want more help, you need to give us more detail than that. What's no go mean here?
    Completed fsck successfully, but didn't change the symptoms?
    sorry i didnt get back to this thread in time because i have to use the wifes mac when she isnt using hers.

    fsck tells me t repairs the problem but my problem persisted. i just reinstalled my os and everything started to work fine at that time......

    so i reinstalled my os like i said and i started to use it again as normal. it started to freeze again a couple hours after then completely froze up. same problem as before. i did everything and backed it up and reinstalled again....this happens 3 more times!! so now i took out the hd and ram checked the connections then tried starting normally with 1 ram at a time. all i can do is boot from a external hd and never from the main hd unless i reinstall the os....

    so now im here...wondering what to do to stop the problem. i keep looking up stuff about it but i cant find any reasonable solution. so until i figure how to stop my computer from freezing im just going to leave it at the install screen. it could be possible that my main hd is messed up but when i run disk repair on it AFTER i install the os it says its only says i need to repair before i install the os and it runs for a few hours.

    btw its a 2007 macbook.

    any help would be awesome!! thank you

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    ok so now when i run repair disk it says invalid node structure....and the hunt begins ....

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    To be blunt: you have a bad hard drive. Replace it.

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