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    Jun 14, 2011
    iorgsoft avchd converter
    Does anyone here use Avchd Converter for Mac from iOrgsoft?
    I'm having problems at the moment with them after purchasing it won't register.
    Even if I follow the steps "Remove trial and old version" I still get the trial version from the link they send me.
    Has anyone had the same problem or what am I doing wrong?
    I've sent them several emails about the matter but they insist that I have to uninstall as instructed.
    Funny thing is I'm installing on a brand new fresh hard drive so there is no chance that I've
    overlooked something.
    Should I just give up and go with something else?
    It has cost me $35 and I'll feel ripped off if I do.

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    Jun 11, 2010
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    MacBook Pro i7 2,4 Ghz + MacBook Pro 2,6 Ghz 15" - iMac 27" i5 2,7 Ghz - Cinema Display 24" - ATV 16
    Use AppCleaner
    Use AppCleaner (freeware) for a total removal of the demo version and setting files. Now reinstall.

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    iOrgsoft = china-based spammers review: iOrgSoft - low quality software from spammers - Audio/video stream recording forums

    (in fact, avoid all "conversion" software from companies with "soft" or "share" at the end of their names, for the same reason.)

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