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    Installation of OS10.2 said successful yet freezes at start up/Powerbook G3
    I have been trying to load OSX 10.2 on my Powerbook G3 1st generation with 300mhz processor and 192mb ram on the original 8gb hard drive. The hard drive is set up with two partitions with OS 9.2 sucessfully running on one of the partitions. There are two CD discs in the OSX v10.2 set and after the first disc is installed (to the second hard drive partition) it says it was successful and reboots. (unsure what the second CD disc is for, as I have never been able to get past the first). Upon rebooting the familiar apple logo comes up and then it immediately freezes and has thin black vertical lines all across the center of the screen. I have re-formatted the drive a couple of times, reloading both OS9.2 (successfully working) then after trying to install the OSX 10.2 it freezes to the same result. I have tried to hold down the shift key at start up to try and get into safe mode, however it will then just boot into OS 9.2. I have tried resetting the PRAM to no avail. I have started up with the CD and run the utility program to verify permissions and all is fine, but still will freeze on start up of 10.2. Meanwhile I can boot into OS 9.2 and run with no problems. According to this machine will run OS 10.2.8.
    Could this set of install discs I have be bad? If so, would they load until the computer says that the installation was successful and then freeze on start up ???

    The discs are original Apple product and just in case it matters, the numbers on the disc set say:
    Disc 1: Version 10.2
    Disc 2: Version 10.2
    Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    According to MacTracker that's actually the third revision Powerbook G3 but you are correct, it should be able to run 10.2.8.

    According to the product numbers you posted that looks like a retail install of 10.2 all right (white disc with jaguar-y X in fur and black dots), so I'm not sure what's going on there.

    It's possible disc one is bad, it's also possible that because you have OS 9.2 on there already it's having an issue with that. I would try making a disk image of your 9.2 partition to preserve it as-is, then removing that and wiping the drive completely (making one partition), then try the 10.2 install again. If it works, it will give you the option of installing Classic and want your 9.2 CD, hopefully you still have that. You can restore your own stuff from the disk image later on once you've successfully (I hope) put 10.2 and Classic on there.

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    I will try to reformat the drive as you suggest, and load only OSX 10.2 first to see what happens, however I have not had a chance as of yet but wanted to reply. You are correct in the disc logo etc but I am wondering, if I get the same result after loading it without OS 9, is there a way for me to test disc one? i.e. can I test it through the disc utility program? Also do you know what disc number 2 is for and is it part of the OS installation, as I am never prompted to install it after using disc 1, so I am curious what it is for....?
    Thanks again, and I will try to get to this in the next day or two, as my schedule permits.

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