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    Angry Brand New Macbook Pro and Lion don't work? Help?
    I just purchased a brand new Macbook Pro last week and it came preinstalled with Lion. Now today I was gonna start setting things up on it so that I can start using it for class and it's starts operating like a ten year old piece of junk. I also own a Mac Mini that I've had for three years that has Snow Leopard on it and I have no complaints, it works like a charm.

    The details of my Macbook Pro issues are: Freezing. Without having installed anything at all, a totally brand spanking new Macbook Pro, it's freezing solid with the simplest tasks. I tried to open a text file with text edit, it froze. Beyond having the option to even force quit. I had to manually shut it down and restart it. Then I thought maybe it was just a weird fluke and tried using it again. I plugged it into the wall to get power off the battery and the icon didn't show the electricity symbol in the top right corner like I was expecting, so I clicked on it to see the drop down menu and see stats on it, and it froze solid again. No force quit available, but in this case it wouldn't matter anyway because the only thing open was Finder.

    I'm sooo confused how this is even possible, an expensive Mac laptop, brand new, operating like an abused Windows 95 almost two decades old. Is the problem with the new Lion operating system? (I've heard stories) Should I be looking into getting my money back?? Is it even possible to downgrade to Snow Leopard?

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    If you only purchased this MacBook Pro a week ago...the answer is simple...take it back to the store & have them check it out. If you're not near an Apple Store...then call the Apple 800 number...and ship it to them for analysis.

    You could have a defective computer in some way...and if amount of possible troubleshooting on our part will fix things.

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    +1 to what Nick said. Take it back or ship it back, either way.....

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    And demand a replacement free of charge and shipping costs!
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Thanks everyone, first thing I'm doing is reformatting it and reinstalling Lion just to be sure, but of course if the issue persists, I will send it back without hesitation.

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    Update: It just failed the Lion install. Clearly there's a huge issue and I was the one who had to get THAT laptop...

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    Hopefully it's something dumb and relatively minor like a defective HD. Sorry you got a lemon there, I guess the only good news is that we don't hear about many like that here (and we would if it were a common issue).

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