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    Macbook desktop files aren't visible.
    My files on my desktop will not show, all that shows is the Macintosh HD icon. The thing is, when i click on my desktop where a file was, the file reappears. I can do that to all the files, click on my desktop where a file use to be and it shows. When I logout or shutdown my laptop then turn it back on, all the files are gone again. Everything is visible in my finder when I go under desktop but they're not visible on my desktop screen. Need help.

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    Sounds like the desktop plist file may be corrupted. The first thing I would do is move the desktop files OFF THE DESKTOP. Put them in a folder called "from the desktop" or whatever and put this folder in your Home folder. Feel free to drag the "from the desktop" folder to the Dock to create a shortcut and now you'll have your files available "on the desktop" still but safe.

    Next, I would run disk utility and repair permissions. If you use a program like OnyX (stay away from MacKeeper et al!), run that too.

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