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    My computer will not come on
    I went from PC to Mac and was very happy with it until today. I was online at my shop and the entire computer hung up. Was on AOL, nothing major about it and nothing I haven't been on before. It would not restart and nothing worked. I had to turn it off with the button. When I turned it back on the apple comes up, and a dial that keeps turning and turning. It won't load, it will do nothing. I continue to get the apple and that is as far as it goes. I went online to see what to do and they tell me I need to start up with a disk. Problem is, I bought a brand new MacBook Pro that came with no disk. I tried Command R and it says everything is fine. Any suggestions????

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    Give this a try. You might need to repeat the command more than once before all errors are cleared up Repair Your Hard Disk in Single User Mode | Everything Macintosh. If things still don't work try Lion Recovery Mode. OS X Lion: About Lion Recovery

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    If you want to save your old files. Partition the hard drive and install os x on the new partition and then when that is finished you should be able to get all of those documents back from the old partition. Before it froze did you hear any knocking or ticking coming from the right side of the computer?

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