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    Restoring iMac using Flash Drive on XP
    Hi there. I'm completely frazzled at the moment and I would kill for some help in solving an issue with my iMac. Alright, here's the deal. A couple years back, I'm pretty sure I killed my HDD in my 2007 iMac.( Flashing file icon with question mark. Tried booting from install disk, but my drive wouldn't show in disk utility.) So, without the money or know-how to replace my the drive, I sadly have let the poor machine sit. But, a while back I finally bought myself a new hard drive and went through the process of replacing the old one. Here's where I'm stuck...

    Since the hard drive is new and not formatted, my computer still won't boot. So I figure I just need to restore it with a disc. Unfortunately, I misplaced my original install disc, but not before backing it up of course. I copied the images onto my iMac, which doesn't help, as well as an old laptop running windows xp. I would go about just burning it image to a blank disc and boot my iMac that way, but every time I try, the burn fails. So, that's a no-go. I would also try using Target Disk mode, IF that would even work, though I am doubtful. My only other option, besides finding and buying another install disc, would be to use a flash drive to restore my iMac. But, I'm pretty sure the reason I'm not having any luck with this method is because to boot my iMac from a usb device, it needs to be formatted using GPT, which isn't native to XP. So, I was wondering if any one here knew of some kind of workaround that could help solve my problem. I really feel like my best bet would be to use my flash drive with my backup image and if there was anyway to make it bootable using Windows XP, it would be awesome. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Your going to need an install disk. For an image to be usable, it has to be mounted first. There is no way for you to mount it with Windows.

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    My first instinct would be to approach Apple and see if (for an admin fee) you could get a replacement system disc sent out or to buy yourself a fresh copy of Snow Leopard or Lion on USB from the Apple Store.

    But to try and resolve your query with the backups:
    Are you trying to burn a backup of the (leopard?, Snow Leopard?) install DVD?
    or are you trying to restore a backup of the entire hard disk?

    Either way what format is the backup in? Which tool did you use to make the backup in the first place?

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