Hi all, I am not that new to mac as I have seen the light and changed from years of windows based kit about 3-4 years ago with a black macbook which has run Leopard and has been awesome generally but I have just bought a new MacBook Pro 15inch with Lion and am looking at selling on the original MacBook Black.

Problems having at present...

itunes on New pro cannot seem to import all purchased tv shows and music as it says lion is too far up to date from leopard which black one was running !

Migration assistant will not connect via wireless or recognise new 2 TB seagate external drive via usb for backups on time machine so to import photos into pro iphoto library I've had to rightly or wrongly go into finder for photos and drag highlight all images and drop into iphoto on lion and wait 2 hours to find all pics dumped mixed up into one event. oops

I am currently trying to download more previously purchased things back from itunes store and the other nightmare issue is that as I was signed into itunes account on both macbooks it seemed to have an issue with my trying to sync my ipod or iphone on the black one as it was seeing same ipod etc on the pro also !

I think since signing out of store on black one the pro seems alright letting me sync now.

My mrs also syncs her iphone and ipad off same itunes library but also has her own store account.

Now I have just today had my black one in for a complete top deck replacement under apple extended warranty and while in apple store they upgraded it to snow leopard also
but I have no snow leopard discs in case I need to re-install osx and the most sketchy info I was given by apple shop employees while asking was that could I burn some recovery / copy osx discs of snow leopard to save as a backup and they told me you cannot do that.

The reason I ask is that once I am sure I have all music, photos etc off black macbook I want to fully erase / restore the black one to factory / new purchased condition for next user but I don't want to erase all HDD and lose the whole entire Op system especially when I just paid for snow leopard upgrade !!

I apologise for the long incoherent rant but I am totally confused now and need to learn fast.

Thanks soooo much in advance if anyone can be bothered to help me...