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    Just recovering from a Pram battery change and my main drive won't boot past the grey apple. Disk Utility is telling me the drive needs no repair and I can access everything on the drive. When I boot holding option the drive comes up with the number 1 at the end of it's name and I have a very vague memory that this causes the drive to be locked in a loop it can never escape, but all you need to do is remove the '1' from somewhere in a file in it's boot block?

    Does anyone know this trick? Wish I'd bookmarked it

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    You change the PRAM battery , it might loose the name of you're start up disk .
    Try to reset you're PRAM , holding down P and R key during start up

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    Thanks for replying dobby, I've reset the Pram and open firmware, I just wish I could remember the address of the site I discovered the tip I mentioned. Just thought someone here might know it

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