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Thread: Freeze on erase

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    Freeze on erase
    A friend of mine was having problems with an old g5 imac. I suggested erasing everything (after back-up) and reinstalling.

    We did a regular erase and then went to erase free space (using the systems disk start-up and disk utility). However as it got towards the end (it said 16 hours originally) it stopped showing the time left and stopped moving! After 4 days I chose skip but it is still frozen after 9 days now....

    What should I do - powerdown using the button? I can still choose menu options but the erase is frozen.


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    First, there was really no need to erase free space just to reinstall the operating system and applications. However, it looks like the hard drive itself may be defective since it's taking so long. I would force power down and run Disk Utility to check the drive. If Disk Utility shows errors that can't be corrected, the hard drive will have to be replaced. The good news is you have a backup.

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    Thank-you! \

    The HD itself seems ok (after doing what you suggested. I am going to try installing the OS now, we will see how it goes

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