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    HD not showing at startup manager for OS installation
    Hi everyone.

    My MacBook Pro gave me the panic screen last week and i went to Apple store. They wanted $200 to fix it without a backup. So i came home did a backup (I connected it with a USB adapter to my PC because my other Mac couldn't see it on either the desktop or the DiskUtility). With a MacDrive software i have formatted it (to Machintosh Journaled HFS+). So now my HD is like a new one, empty and formatted.

    I don't have my DVD's, so i downloaded the MAC OS 10.6.3 (the one that was before) and i have did a USB Flash Drive installer (which i found directions how to online) because it is more than 4.7GB.

    2 problems:
    1. I can't see the HD when i click on Options to get into the Startup Manager.
    2. When i click on the USB image on the Startup Mnagaer it goes to the gray Apple logo (without the round loader) and stuck there.

    If someone knows how to fix it, it will be great.


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    Where did you download 10.6.3?

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    I found the download on torrent search. I have restored the DMG file with DiskUtility to the USB drive.

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    Did you buy it from Apple store ?

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    As you can see in my first post, i have downloaded the software online, I found it on torrent. To order from Apple is $29.99 and it will take me time to get it!

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    I'm sorry but we can not help you any further since you illegally downloaded OS X. We do not discuss or offer help in these forums for illegal activities. This thread is closed.

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