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    Feb 07, 2012
    Delete Template
    How do you delete a template in Numbers? its driving me crazy. My switch from Microsoft is fast becoming a bad move.
    Surely this should be simple ??

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    You give very little information to go on. Which version of Numbers? Which version of OSX?

    But the templates are held in:
    Home Library - Application Support - iWork - Numbers - Templates
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    Feb 07, 2012
    Sorry where do I find Home Library / application support / iWork's ??

    My iMac is 1 month old and Numbers is also.

    I am very new to Mac

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    The library folder is hidden by default in Lion which is the reason you can't find it. Do this to make the library folder visible:

    Open Applications, Utilities. Now click on "". When the dialog box opens, copy and paste the following in the box at the prompt and then press enter.

    chflags nohidden ~/Library/

    Close the terminal application. Now use your Finder and navigate to the folder as was given in the previous reply by member mrplow. You should be able to find the template and remove it.

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    Feb 07, 2012
    Thank you ,Thank you !!!!

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Angry Deleting Numbers TEMPLATES
    Aloha Fora Friends---

    I think I've followed directions given by CHSCAG:

    "Close the terminal application. Now use your Finder and navigate to the folder as was given in the previous reply by member mrplow. You should be able to find the template and remove it."

    Did the copy/paste/enter/close TERMINAL window. Opened Finder, I presume HOME FOLDER is the one with the homelike icon and my name following. Opened that--no APPLICATION SUPPORT found, nor will search box help--or Spotlight for entire Mac. Therefore can't proceed to iWork>Numbers>TEMPLATES!

    Junque Templates deletion shouldn't have to be so unintuitive!

    Any more things to help me find my way out of this thicket??

    Mahalo! HGL

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    Application Support is in the Library folder inside your Home folder.
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    Sep 22, 2012
    MAHALO! bobtomay
    Many thanks for helping me get the 'pebble out of my shoe'--solved a very vexing and unhappy situation!

    I was afraid my few remaining brain cells had gotten overheated/shriveled--whatever--& were no longer working.

    mrplow had given a tantalizing foretaste of where to look, but I needed the extra boost from you.


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