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    Calendar sync problem with iCloud
    I have a new MacBookPro and an iPhone 4S connected to iCloud. I decided I should switch to my girlfriend's Apple ID for all this, since she's the one using it most. So I exported backups of Contacts and Calendar on the MBP, and did all the steps to make the switch on both devices. No problem on Contacts - they stayed there anyway. However, the Calendar entries all disappeared. No problem, I thought - I re-imported them from the backup. The problem is that the iCal entries from the backup reinstate the old Apple ID. When I delete the old ID and activate the new one again, all the iCal entries disappear.

    Anyone know how I can retrieve the iCal entries without re-typing all of them? They seem to be tethered to the old Apple ID in the backup file, and I don't know how to disconnect them.


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    Mar 16, 2012
    Ical does not sync via iCloud
    I am also having problems with ICal updating on ICloud. It has been fine until the last couple of days. My iPhone seems to sync fine, but my Macbook pro () does not seem to be able to connect to ICloud when I try to add a new event. I get the error saying it could not connect to the server and asks if I want to continue off line or revert to the server.
    My computer syncs with the Address book just fine.

    Very frustrating.

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