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    Unhappy Install from OS X Leopard Disc
    Hi All,

    Im not sure if i have posted this in the correct forum so please excuse me if i havnt.

    Im looking for some assistance as i am in a real pickle. The situation is :

    My IMAC has been in my parents house for just over a year and i recently brought it to my new place where i started her up and loaded in the system etc. Then naively i decided to wipe the hard drive and reinstall leopard (start a fresh if you will) I closed down and booted from the original osx disc 1. Selected Erase and Install and everything started out normal. However i soon got an error message stating that there was a prooblem installing the 'Russian Package' so i shut down and started up - this time selected custom install and removed the tick next to Russian Language Package. Started installtion and about 20 minutes in got another error 'Disc needs cleaning'. Shut her down again however this time i just get to the grey screen with apple logo and spinning wheel.

    Ive tried holding down C and nothing happens. Tried running a test via T on startup and that passes with no issues. Tried holding down option and it visually shows me the installation disc, when i select - it goes back to grey screen with loading wheel.

    Please help, i have no idea what is wrong and would really appreciate anyways input, thoughts and guidance on this one.

    Thanks in Advance, Dan.

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    170 views and counting can someone assist please ?

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    You're optical might be dirty inside or failing .
    Clean it inside with compressed air , do it gently with short shots of air .
    You're DVD is damage , inspect it very preciously .
    Test you're HD using diskutil

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    Thanks Dobby, cleaned it and worked a treat.

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