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Thread: Does the Mac Lion License allow installation on non-Apple hardware?

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    Does the Mac Lion License allow installation on non-Apple hardware?
    I heard recently that the Mac Lion license allows users to install it on non-Apple hardware, such as in a virtual machine running in Windows or Linux. Is this true? I can't find any information on it, with one exception. At Apple - Legal the Lion licenses refer to Snow Leopard (inside the pdf's) and say that you can't install on non-Apple hardware.

    I'm interested because I want to know if I can run Lion in a VM in Linux.


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    Nope - the EULA is explicit in saying that OS X has to be installed on an Apple branded computer.
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    It's a no to non-Apple hardware but a yes to VMs

    You can run LIon in up to two VMs BUT they have to be running on a Mac running Lion. VMWare officailly supports it.

    So no chance of running Lion in a VM under Linux I'm afraid

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